“I would highly recommend participating in Amanda's events to anyone who is looking to improve their lives, to connect spiritually to their own inner purpose, and to anyone who would like to connect to other woman on a deeper more meaningful way. Her teaching style is relaxed, empathetic, and real.”

“The experience was so moving, and introspective for me that it brought tears to my eyes. Amanda explained the process easily, putting me at ease, that we did not need to be an 'artist' to participate.  Painting, reflecting, and learning how to put a positive spin on my personally held limiting self beliefs was was such an enjoyable experience.”


“Amanda understands the art of process, of the steps to achieve, release or create. Why? She's methodical in her thinking, and she's successful at breaking things down in order to complete and be successful with a project.  This, with her ability to listen and communicate, allows her to be an effective and powerful teacher of process."

"Going into the program, I was a little unsure as to what to expect. But from the moment it began to the moment it ended Amanda made it an extremely memorable experience. From the meditation to the art itself, she awakened my ability to vision so that It could connect to me emotionally and mentally."


“Amanda was extremely helpful in guiding during the whole process. This has been an incredible experience.”

“Through the love and hate, in the end, my muse came out beautiful, just the way she was meant to be with flaws and all. It was an amazing process. Amanda has a gift to offer women that she has unlocked within herself.”