Please find below a sample of my offerings. These workshops can be customized, and facilitated in group settings, or one-on-one. Please note that none of my offerings require artistic experience. I repeat: you do not need ANY artistic experience! Self-proclaimed “non-artists” are especially welcome. All guidance and instruction (and hand holding) will be provided. All you need bring is an open heart.


Red Thread Circle

The Legend of the Red Thread exists across many cultures and traditions. In our work, we use it as a symbol that we are all connected by an invisible red thread since before time. Those who we are destined to meet, hold a special place on our thread, and us on theirs. In Red Thread Circles, we gather with inquiry to connect: with each other and ourselves. We share sacred space, hold space for one another, share sisterhood, smiles, ritual, and whatever else wants to show up. Many of my offerings will include a Red Thread Circle, and Red Thread Circles by themselves are a great way to share energy, ideas, dreams, and thoughts. They can be held for any age group and customized for any occasion.

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Soulful Story Cards

We all hold a series of limiting beliefs that prevent us from realizing our true potential. Our negative self-talk can keep us in a holding pattern, stuck from attaining what we wish we could achieve in life. But did you know you have the power to rewrite these old beliefs and turn these old stories around?

Join me as we explore our limiting beliefs, and see how we can transform them into believable and achievable affirmations, using the method of Intentional Creativity®. In this session, you will create your own beautifully painted deck of Soulful Story affirmation cards on water color paper, guided by your own unique inner wisdom. Transform your old thoughts about yourself, and move into a space of clarity and confidence. Take time for yourself, and reconnect with your inner oracle.


Medicine Basket

Do you know what your gifts are? What are you here to share with the world? In ancient traditions, many cultures have a variation of the medicine woman. She who lives with the innate knowledge to heal. What if I told you that you have that too? We all have a unique medicine that is ours and ours alone, and it is our responsibility to find it and share that medicine with others.

In this workshop, you will explore your inner gifts and wisdom, as you paint your own personal medicine basket on watercolor paper using Intentional Creativity®. Your medicine basket contains your special traits that make you who you are - your medicine for the world. If you haven’t taken the time to explore your gifts, now is the time.


Muse the True You

Do you find yourself constantly questioning yourself and the person you are? Maybe you don't know who you are or who you have become. Have you lost touch with your authentic self, or feel as though you've never even met her? Are the masks you wear too much for you to keep up with? Do you wonder what you even have to offer the world?

Throughout our journey into womanhood, we aren't often taught how to become fully integrated, authentic female beings. Women who know who we are inside, who are comfortable in our skin, who love ourselves deeply, and who know how we want to show up in this world. It's not our fault we weren't shown this. And it's not too late to make dramatic change.

Using the 13-Step Color of Woman Method (Intentional Creativity®), journey into the realm of your own personal Muse, as you paint your feminine archetype on canvas. Your Muse is the creative fire that lives within you, but has been closed off for so long. In this session, you will develop a greater understanding of yourself and how you exist in this world. You will navigate old stories and gain access to new information, as you become reacquainted with the woman who lies dormant within. Awaken yourself to your truest potential.

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Diva Within

Do you live within your physical body? I mean really live in it? Are you in touch with your senses, and engaged in what your body has to offer you? Or are you like most of us - living in our minds, stuck in the day to day, never stopping to really feel the essence of our own being?

In this workshop, you will take up space, and own the body you have. Using the 13-Step Color of Woman Method (Intentional Creativity®), you will paint a beautiful feminine figure on canvas that represents your Diva Within. Shed your old skins and leave behind the old you. Unleash the one inside who sings unabashedly, who dances like no one is watching, who experiences life through all of her senses, and feels more alive. You just might never be the same afterwards.


Cosmic Smash Booking

Have you ever tried to create something in a traditional sketchbook? Or tried to journal in a beautiful diary? What usually happens? For me, it results in trying not to “mess up” the book. An ugly sketch can really turn me off to drawing. Messy handwriting can make me feel like I’m ruining the pages. What if I told you there was a new way to process your feelings, emotions, your life, using an art journal you are supposed to mess up?

Cosmic Smash Booking is an Intentional Creativity process that takes simple supplies and techniques and transforms the way you create. With paint, collage, mixed media, the creations are endless. Using both your left brain and right brain, your art and writing, you can process more than you ever knew was possible.

In this session, you will create your own sacred container - a Cosmic Smash Book. Infused with your own energy and intention, this book will be a portal to a new world, a new view, a new you - whatever you wish it to be. This journal will make you want to create, as you leave your expectations and criticism at the door.


Meditation Mandala

Did you know that meditation and art creation produce the same brainwaves? Painting can actually lower cortisol levels and aid in stress reduction. A personal painting practice could be the single most effective way to make time for yourself during the busy-ness and chaos of life.

In this workshop, I will show you how you can easily incorporate a daily painting practice into your life by creating a mandala on canvas. As we focus on the art of flow, and less on the outcome, you will see how this process could supplement, or enhance, meditation in your daily life.


Customized Workshops for Children and Teens

The benefits of art and Intentional Creativity can be felt by all ages. As a homeschooling mom, I believe in sharing this work with kids, and homeschool groups/co-ops. I am able to customize many of my offerings for kids as young as 5 and up. If you have an idea in mind, please reach out, and together we can find the perfect topic. Examples include: “Elements of the Earth” (a gratitude painting workshop on watercolor paper, reflecting our appreciations for the Four Elements and Mother Earth), “Your Super Hero Strengths” (a watercolor experience where children tune into their own greatest strengths and gifts), Cosmic Smash Booking for Kids and Teens, and “I Belong” (a watercolor experience for children to know they belong).