Your future self is inside, and every day you are Creating Her.



I am passionate…

about helping women find their voices. In my my work, I help women empower themselves with unapologetic authenticity, to reclaim their right to themselves and their own self-preservation. I want women to feel supported, validated, and seen. I hold space for women to access self-love, to experience transformation, and to do things they never believed, but secretly wished, they could do.

A Free Gift For YOU!

Hello, wonderful, unique YOU! I am so thrilled to be able to share with you a FREE mini online offering of mine - Unlocked: Discover Your Authentic Self. This is a mini dive into uncovering your lost, authentic self. Drop me your email and it is all yours!

Make space for the One who lives within.

“Amanda asks questions that help one to peel back the layers to reveal the answer or truth within themselves.”

“I was able to reach back and feel a part of me that I did not know was there, to create a beautiful piece of artwork that truly spoke to me.”

“I now have a passion for stopping, meditating and envisioning my feelings into something real.”


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