What's In My Portable Art Kit

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Shortly after I discovered the healing aspects of creativity, I realized how crucial it was to incorporate creativity into my daily life. But, as a mom of two littles at the time, who didn’t even consider myself creative, the thought of starting a huge project and having to stop mid-way through was a recipe for frustration. The only way I was able to achieve that goal of daily creativity, was with the help of a portable art kit.

What is a portable art kit?

A portable art kit is a small pouch that includes all the necessary items for you to create art on the go. Art that is ready for you, at your fingertips. Portable art kits are so nice because they can go with you anywhere. You can bring them with you in any room in the house, at the kitchen table, out in the yard, at the park, in the car, wherever. I learned about portable art kits through Amy from Mindful Art Studios. She has so many fun tips and tricks on using your portable art kit, so I encourage you to check her out.

When can you use it?

For me, I would bring my kit out on the porch while my kids were playing outside. I would bring it to the park, and sit on a bench while the kids explored. I could open it up, and spend 5-10 minutes, and not be frustrated if I had to pack up before I was “done.” It made creating in small doses doable and realistic, and I was proud of my mini works of art.


What’s in my kit now?

Below is a sample of the supplies in my art kit today. You will want to modify it, based on the methods and mediums you like to use. I am partial to watercolors, since they are so fluid and don’t take a long time to dry like acrylics. But use what works for you!

Other fun ideas

I encourage you to try some of these materials out and put together your own unique kit. I would love to hear what you put in yours and how it has changed your daily life.

Much love,