Your future self is inside, and every day you are Creating Her.



I am passionate…

about helping women find their voices. In my my work, I help women empower themselves with unapologetic authenticity, to reclaim their right to themselves and their own self-preservation. I want women to feel supported, validated, and seen. I hold space for women to access self-love, to experience transformation, and to do things they never believed, but secretly wished, they could do.

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Cosmic Smash Booking

Cosmic Smash Booking is an Intentional Creativity® process that takes simple art journaling supplies and techniques, and transforms the way you create. Using both your left brain and right brain, your art and writing, you can process more than you ever knew was possible.

In this 4-week session, you will create your own sacred container - a Cosmic Smash Book - and learn ways to use it for self-reflection and self-inquiry. Infused with your own energy and intention, this book will be a portal to a new world, a new view, a new you - whatever you wish it to be. It will free you for creative expression, as you leave your expectations and inner critic at the door.

No art experience necessary. All materials provided.

Cost: $65

Register online:


Soulful Story Cards

We all hold a series of limiting beliefs that prevent us from realizing our true potential. Our negative self-talk and past experiences can keep us in a holding pattern, stuck from attaining what we wish we could achieve in life. You have the power to re-write these old beliefs and turn these old stories around.

In this session, you will create your own beautifully painted deck of Soulful Story affirmation cards, guided by your own unique inner wisdom. Transform your old thoughts, and move into a space of clarity and confidence. Take time for yourself, and reconnect with your inner oracle.

No art experience necessary. All materials provided.

Cost: $35

Register online:


Make space for the One who lives within.


Art Gallery


“Amanda asks questions that help one to peel back the layers to reveal the answer or truth within themselves.”

“I was able to reach back and feel a part of me that I did not know was there, to create a beautiful piece of artwork that truly spoke to me.”

“I now have a passion for stopping, meditating and envisioning my feelings into something real.”